Rules of BULL’S Super League Darts Eastern Europe

Part A: General information

1.     The Super League Darts Eastern Europe (SLDE) is a league system for single players. It is played in 3 phases.

2.     The first phase is the qualification tournament at the beginning of a new season, where all free spaces of the league will be filled up.

3.     The second phase is the league phase. On the tournament weekends all players play against each other which gives us a ranking of the SLDE.

4.     The last part of the season is the final weekend. Participants of the final are the top 8 players of the league phase. A player who is already qualified for the PDC World Darts Championship at the time the final of SLDE is played is not allowed to participate in the final. The next player in the ranking will fill up his space.

5.     The top 13 players of the last season will be invited to participate in the next season. PDC Europe is allowed to fill up free spaces of withdrawals with any player. If the spaces stay free the number of qualification places will be summed up for the qualification tournament.

6.     The league phase and the final of SLDE will be statistically recorded. Each player of the SLDE agrees that his data will be recorded and used for any purpose.

7.     Organizer of the SLDE is the Langenbahn von Moltke GmbH, Leopoldstraße 32, 80802 München

8.     In the year 2014 the name rights have been given to the trademark BULL’S. This will also be the same in the year 2016.

Part B: The qualification tournament

1.     Eligible are players with citizenship of the following countries: Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Poland, Bulgaria and Rumania. Players have to be at least 16 years old (Cut off date is 1st of January)

2.     Top 13 players or invited players are not allowed to participate in the qualification tournament. Also players ranked 15 and 16 of the former year of SLDE are not allowed to participate same as all players who left SLDE in the previous season or have been disqualified.

3.     Registration for the qualification tournament is possible till the announced date. Registration fee for the qualification tournament is 30 € and will be reduced from registration fee for the league phase if a player qualifies.

4.     Registration fee for the qualification tournament has to be paid till the announced date otherwise the registration will be deleted automatically.

5.     On the day of the qualification tournament all players have to register personally till the announced time at the venue. Otherwise the registration will be deleted.

6.     The playing mode will be announced after registration ended and depends on the number of participants

7.     It will be played for as many places in the SLDE till the number of players totally is reached.

8.     Qualified players oblige to participate in all playing weekends.

9.     If a qualified player withdraws from participation before the SLDE starts the place will be given to a player from the organizers.

Part C: The tournament weekends

1.     The SLDE is played on 4 weekends. The dates and venue will be announced before the tournaments take place.

2.     The entry fee for the SLDE is 180 € (players who have qualified thru qualification tournament will pay 30 € less) and has to be paid before the first weekend of the new season. If the entry fee has not been paid in time the player will not be allowed to participate in the SLDE.

3.     Eligible are players with citizenship of the following countries: Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Poland, Bulgaria and Rumania. Players have to be at least 16 years old (Cut off date is 1st of January)

4.     All 16 players have to participate on each played day. Its been played in round robin mode, everybody against everybody, best of 11 legs depending on the schedule of SLDE.

5.     On the first weekend of a new season the position of the players will be drawn. On the following weekends the positions depend on the ranking 1-16. Rank 1 is position 1 …)

6.     A player gets one point for a game he wins. The legs of all games also count in the ranking.

7.     All results of all weekends together make the ranking of the SLDE. The player with the most points is ranked on position 1. The first sorting criteria is points. In the case two players have the same points, the sorting works as following:

a.     Leg difference between won and lost legs

b.     Number of won legs

c.     Direct comparison

                             i.     Number of points

                             ii.     Leg difference between won and lost legs

                            iii.     Number of won legs


d.     Deciding game (best of 11 legs)

8.     The top 8 of the ranking after 4 weekends of playing will be qualified for the final of SLDE. Players who are already qualified for the PDC World Darts Championship and are ranked top 8 in SLDE will not participate in the final. In this case the next player in the ranking will be allowed to participate. Players ranked 15 and 16 will not be allowed to participate in the SLDE in the following season and can only participate in the qualification tournament after the next season. The player ranked 14 can relegate in the qualification tournament and try to fight back in the SLDE.

9.     If a player does not play all games of a weekend, no matter why all his results of this weekend will be counted as a 0:6 against him and for his opponents.

10.  If a player misses 2 weekends of the SLDE he is no longer allowed to play. His personal statistics will stay as it was. Complete played weekends will stay in the ranking.

11.  Participants have to be at the venue in time and stay there till they finish their last game. If a players does not arrive at the venue in time or when his games are announced all his games of the weekend will end with the result 0:6 against him.

12.  Every player who leaves the actual season will not be allowed to participate in the SLDE in the following season. Depending on the withdrawals the PDC Europe will decide if a player can be banned from further seasons of SLDE or darts tournaments of the PDC Europe.

13.  If more then 3 players leave a current season there will be no relegation players and all players will be invited to play in the next SLDE season.

Part D: the final

1.     The top 8 of the SLDE ranking after all played weekends are qualified for the final. If a player withdraws from the final or a player is already qualified for the PDC World Darts Championship or there are other reasons of less then 8 players for the final then the players next in the ranking will become finalists. A player who withdrew during the playing weekends or got disqualified is not allowed to play in the final.

2.     The first round of the final will be played in 2 groups of four.
Group A:  rank 1, 4, 5 and 8 of the final ranking
Group B:  rank 2, 3, 6 and 7 of the final ranking

3.     The first two players in the group rankings are qualified for the semi finals.

Winner group A – second group B
Winner group B – second group 

4.     The winners of the two semi finals will play the final of the SLDE.

5.     Playing format:    group phase: best of 11 legs
                               semi final: best of 15 legs (break after 8 legs)
final: best of 19 legs (break after 10 legs)

Part E: price money

1.     There is no prize money for the qualification tournament, its only played for a spot in the SLDE.

2.     There will not be any prize money at the tournament weekends.

3.     Each player of the BULLS Super League Darts Eastern Europe 2016 gets free entry for a certain number of qualification tournaments for the PDC European Tour 2017. The following list will show the number of participations. After one year the entry fee for qualifications do no longer count.




























































The participations will be based on the ranking after 4 playing weekends. Players who have withdrawn from the actual season will not get any free participations.

4.     The winner of the SLDE additionally gets a spot in the preliminary round of the following PDC World Darts Championship.

5.     If for any reason the winner of the SLDE qualifies for the PDC World Darts Championship after the final of SLDE (direct qualification, Pro Tour Order of Merit, etc.) the second finalist will participate in the PDC World Darts Championship.

Part F: Common rules

1.     Playing mode of the SLDE is 501 single in / double out

2.     All rules of the PDC Europe, playing rules and etiquette count for the SLDE.

3.     The player, who starts a game will be determined by throwing for the Bullseye. The Bullseye or outer Bullseye have to be hit. If both players hit the inner or outer Bullseye the throw has to be done again. The player on the left hand side of the draw starts the throw for the Bullseye. In the second attempt the other player starts first and so on.

4.     Every player of the SLDE (qualification, tournament weekends, final) is responsible to know the board where he is playing at and when he has to play.

5.     The qualification tournament and the SLDE tournament weekends are played on 4 boards.

6.     Players who break the rules or act against the etiquette of the PDC Europe can be disqualified at any time. They lose all points in the ranking and all participation fees same as eligibility to play in the SLDE. The suspension can also be extended to other PDC Europe (European Tour, qualification tournaments etc.).

Part G: The venue

1.     The venues will be selected by the PDC Europe.

2.     The venue has to have 4 boards plus two practice boards and enough room for playing and enough room for the players to sit (16 players plus 3 additional persons) same as for the tournament organization. (minimum 60 people)

3.     The venue has to provide 4 new dartboards for each tournament weekend.

4.     The markers will be organized by PDC Europe.

5.     There are food and drinks available at the venue.

6.     There is a list of hotels close to the venue available for the players.

Part H: Rules at the tournament weekends

1.     It will be played by the rules of the PDC, that can be looked up on the internet.

2.     The participants of the SLDE have to wear appropriate clothing as following:
                - long dark trousers
                - dark shoes (no joggers)
                - collared shirt
If a player wants to wear different clothing he has to request it at the PDC Europe.

Jeans, Joggers, T-Shirts, Football shirts, hats, caps, headphones etc. are not allowed.

3.     The players are not allowed to drink anything else than water during a game.

4.     The players are not allowed to smoke during a game.

5.     Every player can bring 3 guests to a tournament weekend. There will not be sold any tickets for the tournament weekends. PDC Europe staff, organizer and people allowed by the PDC Europe are allowed to take part in the tournament weekends.

6.     If a person get banned by the PDC Europe because of bad behaviour they are no longer allowed to enter PDC Europe events, even if they would be announced as players guests.

Part I: Conclusion statement


1.     The PDC Europe (Langenbahn von Moltke GmbH) can change these rules at any time.

2.     If there are any situations coming up that cannot solved by the SLDE rules the PDC Europe will find a fair way to make a decision upon those things. The last decision in all cases will be made by the PDC Europe and has to be accepted of all players.

You can also download the rules.



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